Your child…my future

Your child…my future

“All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.”  I have stitched this phrase in needlework and it is hanging on my wall where everyday I can see it and count my blessings and ponder its meaning.  Five children and to date six grandchildren later, I see the flowers blooming around me.  I have met several who have been extremely critical of today’s youth, usually because of the superficial, like piercings, hair style, music choice etc.  Can you think of any generation that was truly happy with the next?  I chuckle to think that those with the greatest negativity will likely someday be placing their healthcare, living arrangements and entire future in the hands of the Doctors, nurses, care aids, lawyers and other Professionals and tradesmen whom they mock and criticize now.  Appreciate your children and the children of others because they hold your future in their hands.  Nurture and care for each child, lost or found, so their true beauty can be fostered to bloom forth.  Kindness and gentleness is always the order of the day, even if it was not what you experienced as a child.  Perhaps this becomes your chance to pay forward or to simply make someone’s future better and brighter.  Can you imagine if we each took the time to mentor and nourish just one child…yours or not?

Be kind and gentle and love yourself so you can pass it on since your child is also my future.

Being non-judgmental

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