You are what you think! – on Self Confidence

Help your self confidence! Here is a little experiment for you.  Stand before a mirror and really look yourself in the eyes.  I don’t mean look at your face, or critique the shape of your nose or anything else.  I mean look only and directly into your eyes.

How does this make you feel?  You aren’t saying anything (yet)…you are simply making your entire focus for an entire 60 seconds, your eyes.  It is OK to stare into just one of your eyes…but do not break that contact, and just note how you feel.  Are you a little uncomfortable?  Perhaps even a lot uncomfortable?  Have you begun making excuses for not continuing to look into your eyes?  Things like “oh this is just a waste of time”; or “this is just silly…I look at myself in the mirror all the time.”  These excuses to give you permission to look away are very telling.  Some find that they feel uncomfortable because their ‘programming’ tells them this is very vain.  Feel what you feel and listen to your inner voice if you are at all uncomfortable, and you will see the weaknesses in your self-confidence.  Your eyes truly are the windows to your soul…and your subconscious mind.  Now change it up a little and begin saying something flattering and positive about yourself.  Perhaps…”I am amazing.” or whatever.  Now notice how you feel as you look directly into your eyes while you say this positive affirmation.  Most feel a small pinch inside…which their subconscious mind is telling them that their belief system does not hold this positive belief about them.

I suggest you continue doing this exercise on a daily basis (several times a day) for 30 days.  One month out of your life devoted to looking yourself in the eyes and telling yourself that you are amazing.  Now after 30 days, notice how your feelings about yourself have changed.  This isn’t rocket science…it is a way to reprogram your negative belief system into a more positive belief system that will in turn cause you to vibrate at a more positive frequency and as Quantum Physics explains, attract more positive energy your way.  How can this be wrong?!  Change is easier than you think.  To speed this up, listen to one of my confidence recordings and continue this at a deeper level.

You are what you think!

Self Esteem recording Jackie Hofmann

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