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I am continually suggesting to clients, friends and anyone who will stop to listen, that it truly is “all in the mind”!  Well, Spring is just about here where I live, and I am finding that more and more of us are thinking of slimming down for the summer season.  Like bears awakening from hibernation, we want to loose that excess fat we have been storing for winter warmth and protection.(At least that is how I justify it to myself!)  Now is the time to ramp up our exercise and focus our attention on our eating habits. If you are like me, you are slow to get started and find that unless you buddy up with someone like-minded and motivated, your best intentions stall and eventually fizzle away to excuses.  But did you ever imagine that your eating habits were influenced by your Mother as early as when you were in the womb?  Now before you think you can blame your Mother for your chocolate or carb cravings, you should know that she is let off the hook because of something we have recently discovered called neuro-plasticity within the brain. You can learn more about eating and brain function here:

However, if your interest doesn’t get that technical, here are some quick suggestions for easier weight loss that can be included in your busy day without too much effort.  Even easier are my suggestions for recordings that can be listened to at night when you go to sleep and even in your car or office during the day as you work, that will peak the interest of your subconscious mind and keep you motivated and losing.  Almost effortlessly!


Tips for Easy and Healthy Weight Loss


1) Set realistic goals.  Understand that permanent weight loss will not happen overnight and in fact it is a lifestyle change so consult your Doctor to find out your normal weight and set your initial goal of 10 pounds.  “Know thyself”!  If you are realistic and not just optimistic, set a weekly loss goal of 2 pounds.  Be proactive!  Meeting Challenges Weight Loss

2) Be active! Keep a daily diary, in the beginning, of all the activity for your day.  Then sit down and analyze a way to incorporate more movement.   Park your car farther away so you have to walk.  Take the stairs.  Turn off the TV after dinner and go for a walk around the block.  Straighten your house and pick up any clutter every day.  Spend half of your lunch hour eating and the other half walking.  Schedule 30 minutes of activity every single day.  Reconnect with playing…have fun and the more physical activity you incorporate into your day, the more energized you will feel.  Spring Body tune-up Motivation     Motivation to Exercise Hypno Snack

3) Buddy up! Nothing will help you more than if you share your weight loss program with a friend.  This gives you both support and encouragement.  It will help keep things ‘real’ because if you do slip up, there will be someone telling you that it’s OK as long as you just keep going.  Vary your activities together to keep it fun and share recipes and perhaps even meals to keep on track.  Cook one nutritious meal a week for your buddy and vice versa.  Shopping Day Weight Loss Spring Cleaning Motivation

4) Visualize! Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality when you do a visualization of a thinner you that incorporates all of your senses.  See yourself at your goal weight…what are you wearing (note colours and textures); how are you feeling?; what are people saying to you?; look at yourself and what is it you admire most at this weight?; employ all of your senses and visualize often so that your subconscious mind will begin to make this ‘you’ your new reality.  You are what you think! Shedding Weight

5) Drink lots of water and breathe! Drinking lots of water helps to flush out fat cells and toxins from your body and will give you a sensation of fullness so you will eat less.  Drink cold water with lemon 15 minutes prior to a meal.  Your stomach will hold on to the water to warm it before it passes on to the intestines therefore making you feel fuller and also burning 62 calories.  Only take small sips during a meal so that you don’t dilute your digestive juices too much while eating.  Have a large glass of warm water and lemon first thing in the morning to keep your elimination system functioning properly.  The lemon will alkalinize your body which will be acidic if you are overweight.  Taking several deep breaths a day will signal your brain that it is time to relax so that it will in turn send out serotonin to distress you.  Deep breathing also pushes clean oxygen into your cells and forces toxins out. Carb conscious Stop Sugar and Chocolate the subliminal way Wash away excess Weightweight loss bundle

6) Avoid white flour and processed foods! The gluten in white flour gums up your gut by turning to a protein called gliadin.  Eat wholesome raw fruits and veggies as much as possible to feel full and keep your energy level even. East smaller meals more often to keep your blood sugar level and to avoid cravings and that 3pm crash into fatigue.

7) Be kind to yourself! Honour yourself by using only positive language about yourself and to yourself.  So often we verbally undermine our own self-esteem by saying hurtful things about ourselves.  If you slip up one day, just correct for it the next. Pat yourself on the back often for even the smallest of triumphs.  Negative comments and thoughts create the slippery slide back into the lifestyle you want to escape.  Be positive!  Many small changes are what turn positive lifestyle changes into permanent weight loss.

So, the responsibility for healthy eating, exercise and weight loss is still up to each individual.  Let me help to make your goals easier and faster to reach.  Begin now and see the amazing difference by the time you slip into that summer wardrobe.

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