The right stuff

The right stuff

Have you got the right stuff to succeed?  The main ingredient for any success formula is confidence.  You can have all the other pieces, gifts and luck but if you lack belief in yourself, you won’t achieve your HIGHEST potential.  It isn’t your fault if you suffer low self-esteem.  Life can wear you down, especially if your free will has lead you down many a wrong path.  These negative experiences are lessons to learn that will enrich us and can actually strengthen our self-image if we refuse to see them as mistakes.  So who has given you a pat on the back lately and told you how wonderful you are?  We can’t always wait for others to notice our strong points…look inside and give yourself a hug.  You are unique and wonderful and deserve only the best.  Believe it and you can achieve it.  You are worthy…and you already have the right stuff!

Confident You

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