Stress Buster One for a happier holiday

Whether you celebrate Christmas or something else, this time of year can be extremely stressful.  Even the expectations of joy, peace and happiness can raise anticipatory stress not to mention the logistics of shopping, menu, decorating and possible travel.  Each person, whether adult or child, you add to this equation only contributes to the accumulation of more stress.  Now considering that most of the population is already chronically stressed due in part to our technological “advancements” (ask yourself if you can be without your cell phone, iPad or whatever for even a day?), this added holiday stress can be the extra burden that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.

So now here is a little something to do several times a day that will give you back a little of that energy that has drained away and help boost you and bust stress.

Sit or stand and begin doing some deep belly breathing.  This is particularly important because belly breathing allows for your diaphragms expansion into the belly instead of being restricted by the rib cage.  In turn, you increase your oxygen intake and force more beneficial oxygen into your cells forcing more toxins and waste out.  I always suggest you close your eyes while doing this so that you are eliminating any visual distractions.  Now take your hand, palm facing your body; and place it about 3 to 5 inches above your body in front of your pubic bone.  No need to touch your body.  Now run it up to your bottom lip in a straight line.  Only run it upwards…always this direction only as you are ZIPPING UP your energy.  Imagine a straight line, like a train track, running from your pubic bone, up to your bottom lip.  Repeat several times, continuing the deep breathing and you will notice a calming yet energizing effect.  This will also help you keep your equilibrium when you are in the crush of a crowd shopping, or any activity in which you can feel yourself being drained and exhausted.

A stress buster and booster all at the same time. And for added help boosting energy and escaping the holiday stress, retreat to your very own spa with my Spa Destress!

Watch for my next stress buster coming soon

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