Stop Smoking Tues. Dec. 27th

Stop Smoking Tues. Dec. 27th

Join me live at  click on LIVE ON AIR on Tuesday December 27th at 10:50 am (EDT) for a session of Stop Smoking. Joyce Barrie’s award winning show comes to you from New York City.  It promises to be lively and informative and I will be giving you some tips to help you finally live up to your New Year’s resolution to quit!  Don’t worry if you can’t listen to the live show, just check back in the archives and listen later.  But do listen, and you might just need to come up with a different New Year’s resolution this year!!

Stop smoking program

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  1. Tara at Dec 27, 2011 12:04:55

    Congratulations on a great show! It was such a delight hear your calming voice over the airwaves. As always your innovative tips are applicable to a whole range of listeners; like taping a picture of a loved one to your cigarettes or locking your pack in the trunk. Here is to a happier and healthier 2012 for all!!