Stone thoughts?

Stone thoughts?

Are your thoughts carved in stone?  How rigid are you?  In this day and age of technological and informational bombardment, you might find yourself resisting thinking outside of the box.  You spend 95% of your day living from lessons and beliefs learned in the first 6 years of your life.  This was when you were most open and receptive and everything you learned/heard/saw and sensed became the foundation stones for your belief system for the rest of your life.  Your life script was written early and subsequent events mainly reinforced existing beliefs.  So if you suffered abuse or even criticism, it could have left you with scars and low self-esteem that has held you back from achieving your true potential.  The good news is, you CAN CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Thanks to something naturally occurring called neuro-plasticity (that allows your brain to change) coupled with repetition and determination, it is never too late!  Need help?  ALL of my recordings contain self-confidence boosters, but Meeting Challenges will stop you from being reactive and help you to take a proactive approach to your life.

And if you find yourself feeling like you are hemmed in and caught in a tunnel Beyond the Tunnel will show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train!  Relieve your stress so that you can take that more relaxed, easy and enjoyable approach to your daily life with Healing Pool Stress Relief. Loosen up and start Positive Living the subliminal way!confidence bundle It just doesn’t get much easier!

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