Skype with Jackie Hofmann

Skype with Jackie Hofmann

Here is an opportunity for you to speak to me in person and receive personal and individual attention to your needs. Your issues and challenges are not the same as everyone else, so I am here to listen, intuit and assist just as if we were together in my office. Via Skype, I can give you one-on-one instruction in Emotional Freedom Technique, or suggest other forms of empowerment. I will offer a personality assessment and assess how you communicate and show you how this information can impact your day-to-day way of living. Skype sessions can provide reinforcement and accountability for quitting smoking, or help you with hurdles with your golf game… and so much more. All from the comfort of your home so no weather or travel worries!

Sessions come in 1 hour and 2 hour format. EFT training will take 2 hours with subsequent sessions, if desired, being 1 hour. Skype sessions can be an extremely powerful adjunct to any program you are following, or any of my recordings.

Email me if you questions, or simply press the appropriate button to pay for a Skype session, then email me so we can arrange a mutually suitable time.

The personal touch only a Skype call away!

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