“The person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.” Thomas Carlyle

So what is your purpose? Or are you rudderless?  Sometimes it can be so difficult to really connect with your true passion.  We live our daily lives with so many expectations of ourselves; so many responsibilities and commitments; sometimes so much overwhelm and information overload.  We often lose sight of what really makes us passionate and in turn truly fulfilled and happy.  Day-to-day routines often mean we are living most of our lives from pre-existing beliefs that may no longer be serving us in a positive way.  We spend only about 5% of our day in a conscious mindful state fully aware with all of our senses of the moment.  Think about it…you aren’t aware of breathing (breathe in, breathe out repeat if necessary)…or walking (left foot forward and now right foot forward etc.). With most of your life being lived in this sort of automaton state…when was the last time you stopped to ask yourself if you are living your passion?  Are you really happy with your life?  Sometimes we deliberately don’t ask the questions because we are afraid of the answers and the changes we would need to make to sail smoothly, passionately and happily through our lives.  I help so many to discover their true passion and not be afraid of making changes, but rather seizing the day and a new adventure worth living.  Gain the confidence in yourself to truly discover and live your purpose…life really is worth living!

Releasing fear

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