Resolution failure…Yoda was right!

Resolution failure…Yoda was right when he said there is no try there is only do.  Languaging is very important in determining your success.  You can send a negative message to your subconscious mind that sets you up for failure, when you say you are going to try to do something. (Like quit smoking or lose weight)  You have prepared an escape route to failure.  When you don’t succeed, your subconscious mind simply “justifies” the failure by saying…”Well he/she was only trying, after all!”  Commit to success.  Focus on the no escape plan…“I AM a non-smoker and I feel great!” or “I AM _____pounds and I feel and look wonderful”.  This is telling your subconscious mind unequivocally what it is you want to accomplish.  In turn, your subconscious mind then eliminates the self-sabotaging behaviour that might otherwise occur.  A successful athlete doesn’t enter a race to maybe win…they are focused on the win.  So this year can be the exception to those many years of failed New Year’s resolutions…just by actually DOING not TRYING!

Hypnosis has a 90% success rate with quitting smoking and an 85% success rate with losing weight.  Be successful!

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