Random Acts – You are Divine

Random Acts – You are Divine

I believe there are times when we each are given the opportunity to transcend ourselves to be the gift in someone else’s life whether through action, word or even just presence. It is a chance to be the “Angel” and leave your mark on another. It is beyond ego; purely selfless and often anonymous, but profound to the receiver and a lifelong imprint; a moment for the Divine in each of us to shine. But, one must have reached a level of enlightenment to recognize the moment presented and to ‘carpe diem’.

That tiny seemingly insignificant speck in time will remain as a positive imprint on that person, for the rest of their life. It has the potential to alter their path into greatness; to see them valued and to affirm an inner wisdom that might otherwise have been ignored. We cannot always know the conclusion of these random acts, but your positive intention, shared wisdom and selfless kindness will not be forgotten… the unconscious mind hears and stores it.

We can all hope to recognize the chance, when presented, to leave our positive mark on someone’s life. In leaving that mark, we too, become positively changed.

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