Weight Loss Bundle

Weight Loss Bundle


Weight Loss the subliminal way
This subliminal MP3 can be listened to anytime and anywhere because all your conscious mind hears is the music while your subconscious mind listens to the positive and beneficial suggestions for boosting your desire to exercise. All the positive and beneficial suggestions your subconscious mind needs to hear to motivate you to eat healthier, exercise and loose weight.

Shedding Weight this hypnosis MP3 is 30 minutes long and is to be listened to at bedtime. Because it has a sleep ending it will guide you into a deep, natural sleep. Come to the healing pool and lose weight. Soothing, natural…the body you’ve always wanted and now you can have. No diets…just the power of your mind to shed weight while you sleep.

Stop Sugar and chocolate the subliminal way this powerful subliminal MP3 addresses your current desire to find comfort in eating sweets and/or chocolate. Release the need for excess sugar, sweets and chocolate easily and effortlessly.

Carb Conscious this hypnosis MP3 is 34 minutes long and has a choices ending which means your subconscious mind will choose to become alert or go to sleep whichever is appropriate at the time of listening. Limiting the number of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, potatoes etc.) you eat, allow you to lose those extra pounds safely and easily! Allow me to guide you to healthy, nutritious foods.

Intermix the MP3s and play them often…your subconscious mind loves the repetition and will follow through and give you the size and shape you are seeking.

Price: $29.99