Smart Business Ideas

Smart business ideas offering a bundle of relief for anyone from the CEO down!  My Business Bundle targets the harried and overstressed worker in this technological world and is a blend of recordings that will address your stress on an emotional level Healing Pool Stress Relief (hypnosis) as well as a physical level Adrenal and Emotional support the subliminal way. For those times when you drop exhausted onto that  bed at home or on that business trip, but can’t turn your mind off, I also include Easing into Sleep.  This hypnotic recording relaxes you and distracts your mind so you can turn off your day and be lulled into a sound, restful sleep.  Now I always managed to sit on the plane next to some poor soul who had a fear of flying…or who just couldn’t relax while flying.  For your flight you can either use the stress relief or insomnia recording OR address your flying fears with Freedom to Fly. This hypnotic recording makes flying a breeze!  Each of these recordings also gives you a confidence booster.

Smart business ideas means taking care of yourself in this hectic time of working too many hours and for too long.

Price: $29.99