ProHealth Kit

ProHealth Kit



Mental Detox:   This 24 minute subliminal recording can be used as an adjunct to any form of physical detox (especially lymph and heavy metal) to support and to assist in a gentle release of the negative emotions being raised by the physical detoxification process.  It guides you through a safe, gentle and total detox…physical and mental…complete.  As vital to your physical detox program as any cleansing supplement!

Adrenal support         :   We are constantly bombarded with stress in our daily lives for which we seem never to be able to escape.  It can be something as innocuous as the weather report or traffic report, or the burden of finances and family responsibilities.  In this modern age of never escaping, we all live with chronic stress.  It builds insidiously in our cells until they become overwhelmed and we begin manifesting it in a physical way…perhaps headaches, exhaustion, poor sleep patterns, overweight issues  or worse…cancers, heart disease etc.  One of the root systems affected by chronic stress is your adrenal glands.  Do you go to bed exhausted…lay awake unable to turn off…and then rise even more exhausted…dragging yourself through yet another day?  Adrenal Support the subliminal way can help.  The music is easy listening and can be played anywhere and anytime and the message buried below the conscious level of hearing will provide much needed support for your adrenal glands.

Easing into Sleep:      Use this 23 minute hypnosis recording to safely, and gently ease you into a deep, natural, restful sleep.  Use often to program yourself away from the mind chatter into a blissful tranquility that allows you to turn off your thoughts, worries and day.  Your subconscious mind needs to reacquaint itself with your original sleep program.  To sleep well you need to “allow” yourself to just let go.  This soothing recording will help you to do just that.

Believe You Can!        A 23 minute subliminal recording to assist you in not absorbing doom and gloom.  This soothing music with a message will purge those negative comments or diagnosis that can lead to a toxic reality absorbed by your cells.  Instead choose to maintain a positive focus.  Your subconscious mind wants your body to heal both physically and emotionally and toxic thoughts become toxic attitudes that soon become your self-fulfilling prophecy.  Make it easier to keep a positive focus and soon your subconscious mind will adopt a newer and more positive and proactive reality.  Trust me…nothing speeds healing and recovery than if you…Believe you Can!


Heal Yourself :  Whether you are suffering from a cold, the flu or something more major like cancer, this 25 minute hypnotic recording is a vital tool in your recovery.  It enlists the aid of your most powerful ally…your subconscious mind…as Commander-in-Chief of your own personal army of white blood cells to battle against your illness.  Empower yourself to become a participant in your own healing instead of feeling helpless and dependent upon everyone else.  You have the power…your body naturally wants to be in balance, which means perfect health, and it will fight to do so.  Now you take control of your own healing, using this proven recording as an adjunct to your recovery.  Be proactive…do all that you can!  Heal Yourself!



Intermix the MP3s and play them often…your subconscious mind loves the repetition and will follow through and give you the healthy future you are seeking.

Price: $29.99