Motivation Bundle

Motivation BundleContents:

Motivation to Exercise the subliminal way
This subliminal MP3 can be listened to anytime and anywhere because all your conscious mind hears is the music while your subconscious mind listens to the positive and beneficial suggestions for boosting your desire to exercise. Just the push you need to exercise your body into health and fitness…and LOVE doing it!

Spring Cleaning Motivation this hypnosis MP3 is 36 minutes long and is to be listened to at bedtime. Because it has a sleep ending it will guide you into a deep, natural sleep. Sweep away those self-limiting beliefs and roadblocks to achieving your true potential and find the treasure of action and motivation.

Spring Body Tune-up and motivation this hypnosis MP3 is 40 minutes long and allows your subconscious mind to choose between drifting off into a natural deep sleep, OR awakening upon completion of the recording, whichever is most appropriate for when you are listening (choices ending). Kick start your Spring weight loss and exercise programs with this motivating MP3.

Guide to Self-hypnosis Learn self-hypnosis and open your mind to all that you desire. This step by step guide will show you how to be the best that you can be…easily and effortlessly using the power of your own mind.

Intermix the recordings and play them often…your subconscious mind loves the repetition and will follow through and give you the motivation you are seeking.

Price: $29.99