Immune Boost Bundle


Heal Yourself Hypnosis

 This MP3 focuses on strengthening the immune system emphasizing proper nutrition, pure water and practicing deep breathing;  it also focuses on the white blood cells and visualizing them as your own personal army fighting on your behalf; emotionally it emphasizes releasing the past, focusing on joy and forgiving others as well as the self.  This recording also has a strong self-esteem boosting component giving the subconscious mind permission to love and accept self, and to believe in the self.  25 minutes with a sleep ending

Releasing Fear                                         Hypnosis

 Since mind/body medicine acknowledges the connection between the mind (emotions) and the physical body, this MP3 addresses releasing the emotional component of fear that has such a strong connection with illness.  This recording is a positive and reassuring approach to viewing illness as a challenge, relinquishing fear and taking a positive proactive approach.  Your body is struggling to be balanced and this gives it the vital support it needs.  45 minutes choices ending

Adrenal support                                          Subliminal

We are constantly bombarded with stress in our daily lives for which we seem never to be able to escape.  It can be something as innocuous as the weather report or traffic report, or the burden of finances and family responsibilities.  In this modern age of never escaping, we all live with chronic stress.  It builds insidiously in our cells until they become overwhelmed and we begin manifesting it in a physical way…perhaps headaches, exhaustion, poor sleep patterns, overweight issues  or worse…cancers, heart disease etc.  One of the root systems affected by chronic stress is your adrenal glands.  Do you go to bed exhausted…lay awake unable to turn off…and then rise even more exhausted…dragging yourself through yet another day?  Adrenal Support the subliminal way can help.  The music is easy listening and can be played anywhere and anytime and the message buried below the conscious level of hearing will provide much needed support for your adrenal glands.

Intense Healing Using your higher self       Hypnosis

 46 minutes  choices ending

Your most powerful ally when you fall ill is your subconscious mind.  Empower yourself by using it to aid you in returning to full health.  As a team, you easily and effortlessly increase circulation to the area needing it most and thus supply vital oxygen and nutrients as well as quickly moving toxins, viruses and bacteria out.  Your subconscious mind knows the healthy ‘blueprint’ of your body, and can restore you to optimum health no matter what or how severe your illness, if you allow it to.  If your intention is to heal your flu, or cold or something more major and debilitating, then you need to listen often and boost your immune system.




Intermix the MP3s and play them often…your subconscious mind loves the repetition and will follow through and give you the healing, you are seeking.

Price: $29.99