Golf Bundle

Golf Bundle



“I am the toughest golfer mentally.”  Tiger Woods

Jack Nicklaus once said that “golf is 90% mental”, so now that the golfing season is upon us, what are you doing to sharpen your mental game?  You buy the best clubs, get the best instruction from the Golf Pro, but you need to complete your training by focusing on your ‘mind’ game.  This golf kit contains what you need to easily and effortlessly sharpen your mental game of golf.

Sleep your way to better golf It can’t get any easier…play this recording at bedtime and fall into a deep natural sleep WHILE IMPROVING YOUR GOLF GAME!  It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep and don’t hear the ending because your subconscious mind hears it all.  All your mental hurdles overcome and your confidence boosted, while you sleep.

Putting: It’s all in the mind Find out how Tiger Woods manages to sink that put with millions watching…and still keep his cool.  It is all in the mind, so step into his mind while learning to believe in yourself.  Achieve consistent putting success!  Hypnosis and with a sleep ending.  Easy enough, anyone can do it!

Golf Focus the subliminal way So you are on your way to the game…whether it is your usual foursome or you are playing in a tournament…focus is everything.  Maintaining it can be a challenge UNLESS you listen to this subliminal…anywhere, anytime.  All you hear consciously is relaxing, easy listening music, while your subconscious mind hears a positive and beneficial message for improving your focus.

“The whole idea is to get an edge.  Sometimes it takes just a little extra something to get that edge, but you have to have it.”  Don Shula

If there is doubt in your mind…how can your muscles know what they are expected to do?”   Harvey Penick

Golf Confidence the subliminal way One little error can seemingly ruin the rest of your game.  Or do you find that you are consistent in the front nine and then your game crumbles in the back nine?  Don’t let that negative self-talk undermine your abilities.  Listening to this subliminal anywhere, anytime (and especially on the way to the game) will boost your confidence allowing you to be consistent and confident for the entire game.

Get the edge you need by improving your mental game as an adjunct to working on your physical game.  It is the whole package and this kit is the other half you’ve been looking for!  Have a fabulous season!

Testimonial    April 2012

My golf game has improved by several strokes thanks to you. I use it (CDs and EFT) frequently for reinforcement.

 Much in your debt,  JC

Price: $29.99