Eating Aware

Living in this technological era we are constantly rushing to fulfill obligations, earn a living , raise a family and absorb an overwhelming amount of new information into our lives.  How often do you find yourself eating in fast food restaurants (or the car) on the way to you child’s game?  Do you actually sit down at the table and eat as a family anymore? or are you in front of the TV multi-tasking AND downing a meal?  Listen to this recording at bedtime and begin to reform your negative eating habits. Become aware of what and how you are eating and watch how eating a meal becomes more relaxed and healthier.  You will notice how you consume less because you have become aware of the signal from your stomach to your brain saying you are full…and thus stopping you from gorging.  You readily accept smaller portion sizes; embracing the aroma, textures and colours of the food you eat.  The best part is this will happen as you sleep…this recording will relax you into a deep, natural sleep and your powerful subconscious mind will absorb and then act upon all of the positive and beneficial suggestions for healthier eating.  Eating Aware!

Price: $9.99