Drifting into Sleep

Release the chains of the day and drift and relax into blissful, natural slumber. No drugs…completely safe and natural! Deep, deep sleep!

Price: $9.99


  1. NB at Jan 31, 2011 03:40:42

    Working in a busy social environment, I found it difficult to turn off my mind prior to sleeping. After trying Jackie’s “driftng into sleep” my nights rest is uncompromised. I went from tossing and turning for hours on end and feeling like I could never get enough rest, to having a wonderful, full complete rest that is uninterrupted and refreshing. The drifting into sleep cd, has turned my focus around on sleep habits. I now know that sleeping is not a chore and realize that it can be everything everyone else has said it was. Thank you Jackie for introducing me to sleep therapy. It truly has changed my life. Nicole Bieman Hanover

  2. AC at Feb 03, 2011 10:44:42

    I absolutely love this recording. I go to sleep with you every night and most nights I never even get close to the end of the recording. I find your voice so soothing and I find I sleep better…deeper and longer. AC