Conquering Cancer

Use your powerful subconscious mind as a healing tool in your fight against this deadly disease. Attack it at the cell level, and help restore your body to alkalinity and balance. An original script created with the assistance of Jan Palko who specializes in European Biological Medicine, Darkfield Microscopy and Live Blood Cell Analysis. This approach focuses the power of your subconscious mind on healing at a cellular level! You CAN fight this disease, and this┬árecording gives you another weapon…fight and heal yourself!!!

Price: $9.99


  1. Jackie Hofmann at Jul 05, 2011 03:08:14

    B. has faithfully listened to the tapes.
    As to our perceived effectiveness of the tapes I would have to say that they are very helpful based on our ND findings upon analyzing B. over the last few months through quantum biofeedback. His cells are in very good shape, oxygen levels are great and his brain function is up over original testing. Therefore it is our opinion that you got your mojo workin in the messages. I definitely believe it to be true. (N.R) July 2011