Birthing Kit

Pain-free childbirth?  It’s true!  It is possible to have little or no pain during childbirth when using Hypnosis.  Consider all of your options:  it is safe; less stress on the baby; a calm birthing experience; little or NO drugs; less fatigue for the Mother; lactation is increased. The depth of relaxation necessary can easily be achieved with hypnosis, and couples can prepare in advance by listening to these recordings, and practicing the relaxation techniques and affirmations at home every day until the baby arrives. The Birth Partner has a very integral role in the preparation process: Listening to the recordings, and guiding the mother into deep relaxation with hypnosis using the techniques given in the attached Instruction sheet. They are also an invaluable part of the labor and birthing process as they help the mother to focus and concentrate, as well as supporting her physically.

The kit includes:

Instructions for the birthing partner

Prebirth hypnosis recording with a sleep ending so it is to be listened to at bedtime.  Remember it is OK if you fall asleep because your subconscious mind will continue listening to every word spoken.  This recording contains several post hypnotic suggestions for deep relaxation that coincide with actions from your partner, so you both should listen together.  The more often you listen, the more optimum the results.  Begin listening as early in your pregnancy as possible.

Childbirth hypnosis recording also has a sleep ending.  This recording continues the deep relaxation.  You should introduce this recording during the last two months of pregnancy intermixing with the Prebirth hypnosis.

Affirmations are important for maintaining a positive outlook and focus.  They help to tune-out the negativity that others seem to want to introduce to your experience, such as stories of their own deliveries etc.  Stop them before they start…you only want to surround yourself with positive and happy associations.

Soothing Mom and Baby This subliminal is stress relief for both baby and Mother.  It is easy lullaby music with a calming message for the Mother buried below the conscious level of hearing as well as a soothing heart beat for the baby.

“In general, I believe that no condition is out of bounds for trying hypnotherapy on.” Dr. Andrew Weil

Price: $29.99