Adrenal and Emotional support nighttime version

We live our lives fighting chronic stress.  Bombarded by everyday nuisances, an overload of technological advancement and an overwhelming amount of information to process, we place our adrenal glands into the fight/flight/freeze response.  Over time this results in tremendous physical and emotional stress overload that our adrenals fight to process.  This subliminal assists with the cleansing and release of this overload to help your adrenals handle and balance your body.  When there is balance you are better able to handle everyday stressors and this recording helps to prevent this accumulation.  Little things that used to bother you no longer will and you will wonder why you let them in the first place. DE-STRESS and support your adrenals.  Safe, powerful and effective and yet soooooooooo easy!

Price: $9.99


  1. BP at Jan 31, 2011 04:39:48

    I feel that the subliminal CDs are working! I have been listening to Positive Living the subliminal way and Adrenal and Emotional support subliminal. I do them every day, sometimes twice. Do them in the car, etc. I notice my breathing being even better than before I tried them. I feel a bit stronger than before I started. Wow! Even to say ‘a bit stronger’ makes me so happy!