The Me in my Head – Positive change

When you look in the mirror, do you see reflected back the image of positive change you keep of yourself in your head? So often I feel that somehow time has raced ahead and left the “me” with whom I seem to personally identify, locked securely in image, thought and feeling, frozen in my mind. I look at my current reflection and barely recognize the person looking back. When did the disconnect occur between now and then?
Perhaps we latch on to ourselves at a time when we really felt connected in mind and body. We actually may have liked the image reflected back: body slim, trim, flexible, shapely. A favourite outfit, perhaps, in a colour of just the right hue; fabric that flattered; we stand taller somehow more in control; fewer lines on our face or grey in our hair….less change is noticed. Others smile and compliment easily effortlessly…meaningfully; not scanning then straining for the words that fall short of hopeful desires and expectations…words that fall very short of the me in my head…or with qualifiers like “for your age”.
Age begins in the mind and can be looked upon as a positive change. Time marches on for the body but the me in my head has stopped where I liked me. I am still young, vibrant, sensual, sexy, witty, intelligent. Have I held on to this image so tightly that this disconnect happened so easily without me noticing? A sort of losing grip with reality?
The reality is in making the reconnection to feel and be ‘whole’ again. The me in my mind is an image, true, but it is also the sum of the emotions that embody it. The mind is powerful as witnessed by the fact that I was able to keep one me firmly fixed in it while time created a sort of exterior version of its own. Upon viewing it critically, I see bulges, wrinkles, grey hair and swollen joints I could wish away. But I feel like the internal image. So now, as the saying goes…accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can! It is all in your mind and your perception. My wrinkles and grey hair are the lines or markers of a life well lived…a person, me, who embraced the act of living. Positive change. Sometimes my choices and judgments were questionable, but they were made with gusto and determination. Highs and lows, ebb and flow but I didn’t play observer, I dove in and savored every moment.
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