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  • Motivation to Exercise the subliminal way

    Motivation to Exercise the subliminal way


    Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…the push you need to get off the couch and exercise your body into health and fitness. Just listen to the music…with a message…anytime ...

  • Mental Detox subliminal

    Mental Detox subliminal


    Listen to this special subliminal during any form of physical detox (especially lymph and heavy metals) to supply support and to assist in a gentle release of the negative emotions being raised by the ...

  • Jet Lag Solved the subliminal way

    Jet Lag Solved the subliminal way


    Jet Lag can now be a thing of the past by listening to this recording every two hours as you fly…music with a message! Tap the points shown in the diagrams with two fingers while listening to ...

  • Intuition Boost the subliminal way

    Intuition Boost the subliminal way


    Ever wish you could be more intuitive? Or better able to integrate newly learned information into your daily life? List to this music with a message. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Your subconscious mind will hea ...

  • Emotional Freedom subliminal

    Emotional Freedom subliminal


    Gently and safely release those negative suppressed emotions (whether you know what they are or not) that have been blocking your from being the best you can possibly be! If you can connect a negative ...

  • Confidence the subliminal way

    Confidence the subliminal way


    Step into your circle of excellence and become the confident person you’ve always wanted to be. Let that inner light of self-assurance shine forth and attract others to your warmth and confidenc ...

  • Mending a Broken Heart

    Mending a Broken Heart


    You’ve mourned your lost relationship long enough! Find hope and move forward in this positive step to mending your broken heart. You ARE loving…be loved! ...

  • Freedom To Fly

    Freedom To Fly


    Claustrophobia? Fear of heights? Fear of crowds? Fear of loud noises? Does your fear of flying encompass all of these or even just some of these? Look no further… free yourself from these chains tha ...

  • Depressed? No More!

    Depressed? No More!


    Break the chains of intense sadness without the haze of medication. Learn to help yourself. Stop the downward spiral. You are unique; wonderful; and life truly is worth living! Soothing, calming… ...

  • Beyond the Tunnel:  Dealing with Life Changes

    Beyond the Tunnel: Dealing with Life Changes


    Coping with the major hurdles life presents you: from finances, career changes, or family upheaval! Don’t walk alone through the darkness…listen and be guided toward the light of a positiv ...

  • Wash away excess weight

    Wash away excess weight


    Wash away all those reasons for being overweight and allow your powerful subconscious mind to replace them with a new slim, trim you! Live your life with joy…be positive…self-assured… ...

  • Shopping day Weight Loss

    Shopping day Weight Loss


    Your weight loss begins in the grocery store. If you don’t buy those fattening foods, you won’t have them around to eat! Let me guide you to making the healthy, nutritious foods on Shoppin ...