Never too young or old to learn!

Never too young or old to learn!

I recommend that you keep on learning no matter what your age! You’re never too young or old to learn!  Taking courses as we age exercises the brain and keeps mental decline at bay.  Visit this site for an amazing learning that I am engaged in at the moment and highly recommend whether you are a health practitioner or perhaps a pensioner looking for intellectual stimulation.  This course is cutting edge, fascinating and presented in an easily understood and entertaining way.

So never retire from learning and  always challenge yourself to do more and be the best you can be!

The Advance-Neuro-Noetic-Hypnosis(TM) certification is designed for active coaches and clinicians involved with mental health, integrative medicine, and performance enhancement. The 12 distance learning courses cover a wide range of essential practitioner competencies such as direct and permissive hypnosis, integrative health care, and several new topics regarding evidence-based theory and practice. This is the only human transformation program designed to take into consideration the significant advances in mind/body health and recent major discoveries regarding neurology and theoretical physics. However, despite the program’s firm science-based approach, the moderated self-paced courses are equally appreciated by non-scientists. In fact, you will be surprised how up-to-date credibility is translated into over 70 simple, easy to master methods that you can immediately begin using to enhance the quality of your services. I am sure that you will see the value of this program.

I am currently enrolled and find their courses enlightening, enriching and invaluable.  They are so easy to fit into my schedule and the quality and discounts being offered surpass any others.  Join me and keep learning.

“I am still learning.” Michelangelo

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