Ghost Living

Ghost Living

Are you a ghost in your own life?  Do you spend most of your life following routine without ever really being present?   You are there…but really not there? It is a fact that we spend 95% of our day living off pre-existing routines…almost in robotic fashion.  You walk, eat and drive your car without much thought…it has all become habit.  Take this challenge!  For the next three days, take just three minutes out of your day and STOP.  Sit in a place where you won’t be disturbed and close your eyes. Make a quick assessment of how relaxed you are on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being extremely relaxed).  The trick to this assessment is to not think about it.  Just take the first number that comes into your head…this is the true number since it comes from your inner intelligence and has not been clouded by your conscious filters and inhibitions.  Now begin inhaling deeply and slowly allowing your belly to expand with each inhalation (not your chest).  Then exhale slowly and deliberately.  This will help to signal your brain that you want to relax and in turn chemicals will be sent out to sedate your nervous system.  Just through slow concentrated deep breathing.  Your eyes are closed right now just to eliminate distraction for the moment.  So now we turn to your sense of hearing.  Listen to the sound of the air as it enters your nostrils; and subsequently, as you exhale.  Notice the tone, pitch and volume.  Now take your sense of hearing further inwards and see if you can notice any sounds within your body…your heart beating perhaps?  Next extend your hearing outside of your body and notice every sound, near and far, beyond your body.  Continuing your deep breathing, move now to your sense of touch…kinesthetics…what are you feeling?  Can you feel the sensation of your clothes against your skin?  How do you feel inside?  What emotions are you processing?  Be present to them; acknowledge them without “resolving” them.  Bring your focused attention back to your breathing which may have become shallow at the mention of feeling your emotions.  Deepen your breathing again.  And finally open your eyes and really be present to everything that is surrounding you…near and far.  Take in the colours, depths, textures…tune into the sharpness or softness; clarity etc.

Now take another assessment of your degree of relaxation…scaling it from 1 to 10.  Did you notice a change?  This exercise is a great stress reliever and allows you to become more present in your life….to be more aware and in so doing be able to enjoy all that life is offering but which you might not have noticed in your previous ghostly day to day living.  It only takes 3 minutes out of your day though I suspect once you develop this as a routine you will want to do it more often throughout your day to be able to reap even greater benefits.  And lets face it:  if you can’t find 3 minutes in your day for this…something is seriously wrong in your life!

This is time for YOU.  You are unique, worthy and wonderful, and you deserve to be present as you live your life…instead of missing out.  Life is too short and valuable to waste living as ghosts.  When you are ready to extend this into deeper, more profound stress relief, try Healing Pool Stress Relief.  Isn’t it time to rewrite your life to have it the way you want it…to be all that you can be?  Don’t miss the rest of it!

Finding Emotional Balance

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