Chill Out!

Chill Out!

Is time speeding up for you?  Are you wondering where your days are going and how you are going to get everything done on time?  We are all feeling it…that rushed, harried and hurried feeling.  Sometimes it feels like I have my finger in a socket…that constant hum of energy.  Whether you believe it is because of cosmic events, or an overuse and dependence upon technology, we all definitely need to just Chill Out!  Stop right now as you read this and take a deep breath.  So understated and underused and yet one of our biggest assets and allies, is breathing deeply.  Deep relaxation and grounding can come from relaxing through your breathing.  With pollution so high in our air, we have lost the healthy balance of negative to positive ions.  What should be 60% to 40% has now become reversed and we are all suffering from it.  A helping stopgap is to place your finger over your right nostril closing it off, and then breathe rapidly for 30 – 40 times through the left nostril.  This will help to give you some balance and energize you.

But do take time away from technology at least once a day…no phones, TVs, computers, gadgets or gizmos…and get out into nature.  Absorb its healing vibration and feel how relaxed you become.  Also visit the Healing Pool Stress Relief for those days you need guided relief.  Make relaxation a habit!

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