Release Your Genie

Release your Genie: Untold RICHESRelease your Genie

“Untold riches” Freedom and Wealth …Self Guide Hypnosis

From within the wishing well of your imagination is the key to your success. Though there are many books on Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis, Jackie has put it all together in 3 easy steps , day or night time, at home or at work; even while driving. The power of your mind is the way to your future, so take a deep breath, count backwards, and welcome to the heighten awareness of the Subconscious world of Hypnosis. It really works!

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Release your Genie: Butt OUTReleasing your Genie

BUTT OUT – Sex & Beauty IN

Stop Smoking Forever

After years of success by her in-office program to Quit smoking forever, (90% success rate) Jackie Hofmann has now brought her program to the ease of an Ebook for all of those who have struggled around this bad habit. The quotes are uplifting, the content undeniably humorous at time with a truthful punch, the methodology and strategy is serious and proven, and she is also there to assist you on Skype if need be. In just 3 weeks you begin the transition to a healthier body, better looks, and great stamina. Breathe Deep and enjoy life free of smoke.

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Release your Genie: Golfing ExcellenceRelease your Genie:

Sleep your way to golfing Excellence

A brand new golfing self help book that goes beyond all other great books on how to improve your game. It is all in your mind!!! Jackie Hofmann’s 3rd book in her Release your Genie series, gives you 6 different techniques that will enhance and compliment all other Swing strategy books or guides that you may already have. Her approach works. The quotes are engaging and thought provoking. It is a game that requires focus and concentration – Mindful tools that manifests into powerful physical skill. For the avid golfer, from home to work or even driving to the course, let your mind empower you to a lower score and a personal great golf game. Take a breath, focus with depth beyond sight and it’s a hole in one!

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