Please join us in welcoming Jessica to the staff of www.jackiehofmann.com. Jessica comes to us with a B.Sc. majoring in Psychology and a minor in Sports Management. We are excited to have Jessica’s expertise for our newsletter and look forward to her insightful and informative approach! Jessica can be contacted at jessica@2020.jackiehofmann.com as she welcomes … Continue readings

Women’s Spring Getaway


Cruising into Summer is the theme for the Women’s Spring Getaway held at the Best Western Inn on the Bay in Owen Sound, Ontario April 7-9 2006. Ladies, if you have never attended one of these, now is your chance to get away and have fun for the entire weekend. Pamper yourself with facials or … Continue readings

New Subliminals


We value your comments and suggestions! Some of you have requested subliminal CDs to listen at bedtime. These can be alternated with my Hypnosis CDs. My night version of a subliminal will have music that you will find extremely relaxing, and will destress you to allow you to drift into sleep. Occasionally, it isn’t convenient … Continue readings

You ARE what you think!


Imagine this scenario: a couple is looking for a nice house€¦in a good location€¦using a modest budget. They locate one on a prime piece of real estate, in what is perceived as an upper middle class neighborhood. The husband balks at the idea of biding for this house. He had been raised in a country … Continue readings

Still Smoking? Help is here!


How long will you continue to suck those toxic chemicals into your system through that deadly white tube? You know you’re slowly killing yourself…believe me there isn’t a single health benefit from this habit that controls you. SO TAKE CONTROL OF IT! Two new approaches…two brand new Hypnosis CDs. Check them out then continue the … Continue readings

Welcome to Jackie Hofmann: Bulletin!


Welcome to the first post in Jackie Hofmann: Bulletin, the newly redesigned weblog. Here you will find insights and articles on hypnotherapy and related products at jackiehofmann.com. Please enjoy and we hope that you find our bulletin to be useful and informative! — Admin (www.rccgd.com)