Anti-Ageing or Pro-Ageing…change your mind!

As the population ages, we all encounter its effects and need to know how to cope, handle, prepare or deal with it in our daily lives.

“The extended release of the stress hormone cortisol can result in old-age memory loss. (Yau JLW et al., Journal of Neuroscience, 2011) This study builds on early research which showed that stress increased the risk of memory loss and mental decline in older diabetics (Reynolds RM et al., Diabetes Care, 2010) and also increased the risk of memory loss among people at risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease (Peavy GM et al., Biological Psychiatry, 2007).”

Stress is a present day pandemic, and combine it with an ageing population, we all need strategies for coping.  Number one strategy in my book is a good sense of humour!  I never thought I would quote Monty Python but it is true “Always look on the bright side of life.”  And when that seems strained?  Get help!  Change your thoughts on ageing from anti-ageing to embracing the inevitable with laughter, grace and determination!

The New Brain Science 2011 is a free lecture series for anyone interested in learning more about the brain and how it ages.  The speakers are entertaining, knowledgeable and very informative with practical suggestions for Professional and layman alike.  Understanding the mechanics of stress, ageing and the brain is vital information to help dispel the myths and fears associated with this unstoppable process of life.  You can, however, slow it and actually transition into the “Golden Years” without fear, anxiety or physical roadblocks.

The subconscious mind is powerful enough to retard the ageing process so they truly can be the ‘best years of your life’. Your thoughts create your reality so change your mind, strengthen your brain, balance your emotional and physical bodies and join me in this wonderful dance of life. Let me guide you easily and effortlessly to  Anti ageing (which for a limited time is only $.99) and keep yourself healthy with my Immune Boost bundle or ProHealth bundle

Gone are the days of sitting back and simply accepting ageing!  Empower yourself and enjoy ALL of your life!

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