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  • Attract Wealth the subliminal way

    Attract Wealth the subliminal way

    You deserve to be wealthy… listen to music with a message and remove anything that is holding you back from obtaining the wealth you deserve! Become intuitive, wise and responsible with money. I ...

  • Smart Business Ideas

    Smart Business Ideas


    Smart business ideas offering a bundle of relief for anyone from the CEO down!  My Business Bundle targets the harried and overstressed worker in this technological world and is a blend of recordings ...

  • Eating Aware

    Eating Aware


    Living in this technological era we are constantly rushing to fulfill obligations, earn a living , raise a family and absorb an overwhelming amount of new information into our lives.  How often do yo ...

  • Relaxation through Breathing

    Relaxation through Breathing


    Learn to relax completely and deeply using only your breath.  Helpful in removing stress from your daily life, this hypnotic recording will guide you through and educate you about your breathing and ...

  • Pin down Stress

    Pin down Stress


    Ever think you could get rid of your stress in a bowling alley?  Well here is how to do it!  Have fun with all of the sights and sounds and at the same time release all of your stressors big and sma ...

  • Immune Boost Bundle

    Immune Boost Bundle


    Contents: Heal Yourself Hypnosis  This MP3 focuses on strengthening the immune system emphasizing proper nutrition, pure water and practicing deep breathing;  it also focuses on the white blood cell ...

  • Golf Bundle

    Golf Bundle


    Golf Bundle Contents   “I am the toughest golfer mentally.”  Tiger Woods Jack Nicklaus once said that “golf is 90% mental”, so now that the golfing season is upon us, what are you do ...

  • Putting: It’s all in the mind

    Putting: It’s all in the mind


      “The whole idea is to get an edge.  Sometimes it takes just a little extra something to get that edge, but you have to have it.”  Don Shula Find out how Don Shula,Tiger Woods and other al ...

  • Birthing Kit

    Birthing Kit


    Pain-free childbirth?  It’s true!  It is possible to have little or no pain during childbirth when using Hypnosis.  Consider all of your options:  it is safe; less stress on the baby; a calm ...

  • ProHealth Kit

    ProHealth Kit


    ProHealth Kit Contents:   Mental Detox:   This 24 minute subliminal recording can be used as an adjunct to any form of physical detox (especially lymph and heavy metal) to support and to assist in ...

  • Smoking Release

    Smoking Release


    Relax and release your smoking habit for good!  Finally gain control and release your need for that smoke while learning to diffuse stress and anxiety.  Easily, effortlessly and proven successful.  ...

  • Anti ageing

    Anti ageing


    Cheaper than thousands of dollars spent on superficial treatments and creams!  The Fountain of Youth is really within you and reachable through your powerful subconscious mind. Go to the source to re ...