subconscious mind


Subconscious,         Unconscious,                      Conscious Using the future of brain science make your mind work for you today.!!!!!

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Resolution failure…Yoda was right!

Resolution failure…Yoda was right when he said there is no try there is only do.  Languaging is very important in determining your success.  You can send a negative message to your subconscious mind that sets you up for failure, when you say you are going to try to do something. (Like quit smoking or lose … Continue readings

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Learn Self-hypnosis


Join me at Georgian College in Owen Sound, on Saturday October 22 from 9am until 1pm and change your life!  Learn to control your own mind for self-improvement; learn to hypnotize yourself and others.  Most people only use 3 to 5 percent of their mental abilities…imagine what you could accomplish if you started to use … Continue readings

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