self hypnosis

The Me in my Head – Positive change

When you look in the mirror, do you see reflected back the image of positive change you keep of yourself in your head? So often I feel that somehow time has raced ahead and left the “me” with whom I seem to personally identify, locked securely in image, thought and feeling, frozen in my mind. … Continue readings

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Never too young or old to learn!

I recommend that you keep on learning no matter what your age! You’re never too young or old to learn!  Taking courses as we age exercises the brain and keeps mental decline at bay.  Visit this site for an amazing learning experience…one that I am engaged in at the moment and highly recommend whether you … Continue readings

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Learn Self-hypnosis


Join me at Georgian College in Owen Sound, on Saturday October 22 from 9am until 1pm and change your life!  Learn to control your own mind for self-improvement; learn to hypnotize yourself and others.  Most people only use 3 to 5 percent of their mental abilities…imagine what you could accomplish if you started to use … Continue readings

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