I don’t know if you caught the Oprah show last evening but her guest was Dr. M Oz and they did a “Breathe Free” or Stop Smoking 1 hour special. I thought you should know that they highly endorsed Hypnosis as a preferred way to quit. Their suggestions are all in my program, however, whereas they gave a general outline of what to do to successfully overcome this addiction, my program goes into specifics with details to take the guesswork out and provide structured 24 hour, 7 days a week support. From marking your goal date on your calendar, to rewards and day-to-day, steps to release the fear and emotional dependency as well as the physical dependency, my program addresses YOUR individual triggers and needs. It is this specificity…you are unique…your smoking triggers and habit are unique to you…this is what my program caters to …YOU. It molds itself to the individual’s needs. An 85% success rate can’t be wrong!

January 20 to 26th is National Stop Smoking Week and to help those of you who just can’t seem to quit, I am offering my 3 week In home STOP SMOKING PROGRAM at an amazing discount of 50% off!!!!
That means for just $99.50CDN including taxes (and $7.00 S&H) you can have at your fingertips the means to finally quit…WHEN YOU ARE READY AND IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME!
My program has an 85% success rate because it addresses your PSYCHOLOGICAL ADDICTION as well as the physical addiction. This is something most other methods (the patch, gum etc.) do not do. I know that often you have a cigarette lit before you realize you’ve even reached for one. My program makes you aware of your unique triggers, some of which you may not even be aware. Then we replace that negative behaviour with a healthier, positive behaviour that eliminates your smoking habit , psychologically and physically, forever. Along with a structured outline of the program, you receive health evidence for quitting, education, facts and information about cigarettes that has been kept from you AND 4 original and copyrighted hypnosis and subliminal CDs. These CDs provide support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week…where else can you get support in the middle of the night if you find you want a cigarette!

This offer will only last until January 26th 2008 so get your copy of my program NOW!


Email me at and order your copy. Write “I want to quit smoking” in the subject heading. (Visa and MasterCard accepted, and can be faxed to a dedicated line at 519-372-2801) but this offer is only available through my email address…NOT from my site!

Time limited: valid only until January 26, 2008
Subject: “I want to quite smoking”
Price: $99.50(includes taxes)CDN plus $7.00 S&H

Hurry while supplies last!


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